Our Life Experiences Shape Our Language

Take a moment to imagine your morning routine. What do you do for breakfast? Who do you interact with before you leave the house? What are the experiences you carry with you to your office or your classroom? 

Imagine the many unique life experiences that each one of our students brings into the school community . Along with life experiences, they also bring language experiences. They bring the way in which they express their emotions, the vocabulary used to identify objects, and the cadence they use to inquire about things or express their opinions. 

These language experiences are a beautiful reflection of who we are as people, the culture we identify with, and our own family patterns. We all have unique experiences. 

When students come to school, even from the first day, there is an expectation that their experiences have prepared them for their school environment. There is an expectation that the books that will be read and the words the teacher will speak will be understood. 

We can become mildly frustrated with blank stares, “How many times do I have to tell this child?” We can become insecure about our own ability to communicate with a child who speaks another language other than our own, “I don’t speak Arabic, so how will I know if this child needs help?” 

With GrapeSEED, children are given the opportunity to understand and to be understood. Using the Natural Language Acquisition approach to English, students from all backgrounds are able to absorb the language, allowing their English interactions to become just as comfortable and natural as those in their first language!  

Teachers breathe easy knowing that the GrapeSEED instructional materials, both printed and digital, have been specifically created to build confidence and increase student engagement as they acquire a new language. Without needing to spend their own time creating materials and lessons themselves, time can now be better spent honoring and understanding the rich, diverse experiences that each child brings.  

Celebrating Our Diversity: Sharing Our Identities And Telling Our Stories -  Debra Rader - Joining Together To Educate Children For A Compassionate,  Peaceful And Inclusive World

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