New Teachers Have Fun in Foundation Training

Clintondale Community School District (CCSD) in Clinton Township, MI was thrilled to add several new elementary teachers to their team for the 2015-2016 school year. The teachers are excited and anxious to help the students in the district succeed, and so far, they are off to a terrific start!

Recently, second grade teacher Brianna Bolton and kindergarten teacher Elaine Bronzovich participated in three days of information-packed professional development at the GrapeSEED Foundation Training at R.H. Parker Elementary. They loved it!

Here is Brianna practicing a Chant during the workshop.

And here is Elaine giving Vocabulary Cards a try.

While the training was taking place, school secretary Betty Rose couldn’t help but peek in. “I really wish GrapeSEED had been here when my own children were small!” she said. Betty has witnessed the positive impact of GrapeSEED on young students in the district over the last several years.

Clintondale Community Schools have been a part of the GrapeSEED family since 2011. Kindergarten and first grade students of R.H. Parker Elementary School (100% Free and Reduced Lunch) were selected to participate in an independent study over a period of three years to see how effective GrapeSEED was with English-speaking students with a diverse set of socioeconomic families. The results were amazing: 100% of kindergarten students tested at or above grade level, while two-thirds of first grade students met or exceeded proficiency by the DRA Text Level standards! Visit our website to view more results and download the full research report.

Here (below, from left) Betty is joined by Brianna and Elaine as they pose with some of the GrapeSEED student materials.

Welcome, new teachers, and best of luck to the Clintondale Community School District this year!

To learn more about CCSD’s GrapeSEED story and to watch students participating in the GrapeSEED classroom, visit here.

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