Indiana Helps English Language Learners

According to an article in StateImpact Indiana, “The number of students considered English Language Learners in Indiana grew by more than 20 percent over the last five years.” With over 60,000 English Language Learner (ELLs) students in public and private schools in the state, lawmakers and educators have been working to improve learning for this fast-growing population. The challenge: how do schools help the increasing number of ELLs quickly become proficient in Standard English to succeed in school and beyond?

Chalkbeat Indiana reported that school districts have been able to spend more money to support their ELLs thanks to a boost in funding for English language learning programs from the state last year. Districts have been beefing up their staff with English language learning specialists, coaches and teachers as well as providing professional development opportunities for teachers and bilingual teaching assistants. Districts have also been collaborating through regular meetings to share their needs and what they are doing to help their ELLs; educators are hoping to see the collaborations grow.

Elkhart, Allen and Tippecanoe are among the top five counties with the highest number of ELLs in the state. Schools in these and counties across the state are using GrapeSEED to help their younger students learn Standard English and reach reading proficiency faster so they can keep up academically with their native English speaking peers.

GrapeSEED’s oral language and critical listening program has been proven to help ELLs quickly reach proficiency in listening, oral language, speaking and reading. Independent research shows that GrapeSEED students reached reading proficiency in just two to three years, or half the time of the national average!


GrapeSEED Students at Southwick Elementary in East Allen County Schools

School districts using the program include Elkhart Community Schools, Goshen Community Schools, East Allen County Schools, North Lawrence Community Schools, Tippecanoe School Corporation and, most recently, School City of Hammond.


GrapeSEED Students at School City of Hammond

GrapeSEED is being used in a variety of settings, including early childhood and Pre-K classrooms, Tier 1 and 2 Response-to-Intervention (RTI) initiatives, Title programs for struggling learners, ESL/ELL classrooms or English immersion programs, pull-out, push-in or whole classroom environments.

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