Bridging the Gap Between Home and School

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In the very recent past, across our great country, there surely has been lots of division about lots of things. However, one issue that families can unite over is the desire for our children to thrive. Along with being healthy, safe, loved and confident, we want our children to have the opportunity to succeed academically, as a way to ensure a bright future for them and for future generations. Many say there is no greater gift than reassurance that the school we entrust our children’s educations to will provide the proper strategies, materials, and guidance necessary in order for them to receive a quality education.

The global Covid-19 pandemic cast a spotlight on many issues regarding equity in education. If there wasn’t already a shred of natural anxiety for families and caregivers around this topic, there certainly is now! Might this concern be even greater for the families of English Language Learner (ELL) students?

Often, ELL students and families feel as though they are living in two separate worlds: one at home and one at school (Freeman and Freeman, 2001). However, when parents and guardians can see and hear the evidence of English language acquisition in their children, they become more comfortable and supportive of the teachers & other school staff working with their children.

How does GrapeSEED bridge the gap between home and school? In addition to the super impactful daily ‘Teacher-Student Interaction’ lessons, one of the many benefits of acquiring English through GrapeSEED is the intentional welcoming environment and open invitation for parents, families, and caregivers to take part in the experience with their kids! Through the use of GrapeSEED’s Student App, which can be easily accessed at school AND at home, children move through the GrapeSEED Units and playlists while being given multiple opportunities for impactful interaction with vocabulary, language expressions, structures and more. Families can engage through our unit by unit Family Newsletters, opportunities to oversee student engagement, and ‘Writing Fun’ extensions, too.

As you might have predicted, with GrapeSEED the gap between the two worlds of home and school begin to close, families & children begin to feel valued, a genuine, caring partnership begins to grow, and students shine.

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